How to Correctly Choose Loose Diamonds

Diamonds are indeed a precious stone ― there is no way anyone can deny such fact. But the look and how well a diamond is designed is more important than the worth sometimes. There has been a growing trend of preference for loose diamonds since it allows lovers to get a custom-designed diamond of their choice especially just as the woman will love it to look like.

If you decide to buy loose diamonds online and you are confused on what to do, we have you covered.

The major things to consider when you decide to buy loose diamonds is the GIA 4Cs rating criteria of diamonds ― colour, carat, clarity and cut.

The use of D-to-Z diamond colour grades rate a diamond based on colourless to having a faint yellow tinge. Diamonds in the H-J range may appear almost colourless and diamonds with less colour are rarer; thus, more expensive.

The weight of a diamond is determined by its carat. Yes, a heavier diamond contains many carats irrespective of its size. Don’t be confused about seeing the difference between size and weight. Most of the time, the choice of a carat is usually dependent on your budget when you buy loose diamonds online.

When diamonds are extracted from the earth crust, they usually contain impurities called inclusions. Clarity is the measure of the absence of this inclusions and blemishes in a diamond. S1 or S2 diamonds grade usually have inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye while VS1 or VS2 has minute inclusions ― they are more expensive.

Cut quality should not be confused for shape. Shape is just what it is ― round, marquise, emerald-cut, or pear. Cut quality, on the other hand, determines the shine of a loose diamond. When you buy loose diamonds for instance and it is well cut, the diamond will reflect light beautifully giving it an enchanting sparkle.





8月 26, 2020



8月 26, 2020

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