True Carbon Neutral Diamond

天然或合成鑽石首先是純碳晶體。 為了成為非凡的寶石,碳要經受極高的壓力和溫度才能使其具有非凡的硬度和光澤。
由於高科技,人類知道如何再現形成鑽石原石所需的這些條件。 就像在地球的心臟一樣,稀有而獨特的寶石在實驗室中以不可預測的現象出現。 這些寶石既不是假鑽石也不是仿製品:它們具有與天然鑽石完全相同的物理,化學和光學特性,並遵循相同的4C原則(克拉,顏色,淨度和切工)進行估價,從而保證了鑽石的質量和獨特性。
作為真正的科學實力,這種人造鑽石是自然與科學最好的聯盟。 今天,它使我們能夠確保其社會和環境影響及其來源完全透明。
A natural or synthetic diamond is above all a crystal of pure carbon. To become an exceptional stone, carbon goes through extremely high pressure and temperature that give it its exceptional hardness and shine.

Thanks to high technology, man knows how to reproduce these conditions necessary for the formation of rough diamonds. As in the heart of the Earth, rare and unique stones emerge in the laboratory in a unpredictable movement. These stones are not fake gems nor imitations: they have the exact same physical, chemical and optical properties as natural diamonds and are valued following the same 4Cs principle - carat, colour, clarity and cut - that guarantees the quality and uniqueness of a diamond.

As a true scientific prowess, this synthetic diamond is the alliance of the best of nature and science. Today, it allows us to ensure total transparency as to its social and environmental impact and its origin.




8月 26, 2020

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