Reworks, repairs, exchanges and returns on every order. Free returns within 30 days for US orders.

Not able to get to the post office?
Our return labels can be generated within 90 days, so no rush.

*Due to COVID-19, our turnaround times have temporarily increased to ensure the safety of our makers.


Reworks and Repairs

WHAT IT'S FOR:  Resizing, personalization issues, quality issues, broken pieces, lost pieces.


COST: Free (0-6 months), Discounted (6-12months), Full Repair Cost (+12 months)

TURNAROUND TIME: Est. 6-8 weeks from receipt, plus shipping time

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WHAT IT'S FOR: Change in metal, exchange for a different style of piece

AVAILABLE TIMEFRAME: Within 90 days of receiving

COST: Purchase upgrade for difference or receive refund for difference in price depending

TURNAROUND TIME: Est. 6 weeks from receipt, plus shipping time

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WHAT IT'S FOR:Accepted for any and all unworn pieces. Sometimes it just doesn't work out – and that's okay.

AVAILABLE TIMEFRAME: Within 30 days of receiving

COST: Free

METHOD OF RETURN: Original Payment Method

PROCESS TIME: Est. 4 weeks from receipt

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