It could be said that there’s gold in my veins. I was born into a family of jewelers; my father was a jewelers as well. Armed with ambition, family jeweling tradition, and a love of aesthetics I went off to college where I graduated with a degree in engineering, but still found myself in the family studio working in the jewelry industry. To understand more of the family business and knowhow without the traditional baggage, hence I started Bowrington Concept to start working on custom jewellery. As I work more on Jewellery, the more work on it, the more I feel in love with the jewellery I worked on.

Ultimately, it was my partner gave me that extra push to carry the family custom made jewelry business online rather than a small individual small private jeweller. – she’s the main inspiration for everything I do. I combined my passion and training in fashion with my knowledge of jewelry and began sketching new styles. Shortly after, I decided to open to bring my designs to life and start launching product slowly on it.

We were strolling through the streets of Wanchai in Hong Kong on a balmy summer afternoon, eating a delectable Gelato served in brioche, when I turned to my partner and said: "We should call it Bowrington Concept."  In that moment, the whole brand seemed to fall into place. We had been searching for a name for our jewellery brand for so long, bouncing ideas off each other but never quite finding something that fit. As soon as I said it, we both knew that we had finally found what we had been looking for.

From creation to final polishing, I’m very hands on within the business. I design every piece with 3D CAD software and I handpick every diamond that is set into the jewellery to ensure that everyone fits our standards. I’m also responsible for all the photography you see. I’m proud to say that my photography skills are steadily improving, and I may just have a new hobby.

Family and art are my passion. In my spare time, you can find me spending time with my partner, friends and family. My main hobby is in design, art, and machinery. I am a maker by nature so I’m not happy unless I’m creating something; I really feel that art feeds my soul.

Thank you for taking the time go get to know me. I hope you enjoy wearing my designs as much as I enjoy creating them for you!

Alex Lau