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Ethical Gold, the Most Beautiful Story of Your History

Luxury without Compromise

我們以意識和啟發為基礎,努力實現可持續的珠寶製造方式。 按照我們的使命和道德進步,本著善意的精神創造珠寶。 在不影響珠寶的本質詩意和優雅的前提下,為珠寶界注入新的活力。

We strive to bring about a sustainable way of making jewellery, underpinned by awareness and enlightenment. To create jewels in a spirit of goodwill, in keeping with our mission and with ethical progress. To shine a new light on the world of jewellery without compromising its essential poetry and grace.


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Ethical Gold

我們所有的珠寶均採用不同的黃金製成,這是經供應商認證的符合道德標準的黃金。 該標籤旨在通過嚴格的認證和控製程序,將黃金業務轉變為積極力量,從而確保環境保護和採礦社區的發展。

All our jewels are made in a different Gold, an ethical Gold certified by our supplier. This label aims to transform the gold business into a positive force, guaranteeing the protection of the environment and the development of mining communities, through rigorous certification and control processes.

Summer Essential

單鑽系列:由我們的技師在我們的金件上鑲嵌的單顆鑽石,戴在脖子或手腕上。 它會根據您的需求伴隨您漫長的生活! 它有黃色,粉紅色和白色金可供選擇,並以您所選擇的顏色安裝在鏈上。

Le Petit Solitaire : an single diamond mounted by our artsian on ethical gold to wear on a your neck or your wrist. It will follow you for years according to your desires! It is available in Yellow, Pink and White Gold, and mounted on a cord or chain in the colour of your choice.

Engagment Collection

A slender jewel at the summits & air angles



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